Fit Bible Study - Monthly Access

Get Fit. Hear the Word. Read the Word. Learn the Word. 

This program intertwines Bible Study with calorie burning, muscle sculpting workouts.   New Bible Study series and workouts added on an ongoing basis. 


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Commit to Your Ongoing Spiritual and Physical Growth


Women who have completed the SoulStrength Fit 8-Week challenge are ready for more. 
The 8-Week Challenge built the foundational habits needed to prioritize your health, fitness, and spiritual growth.
Now we take that foundation and continue with our momentum.
Finding time for both daily Bible study and exercise is not only doable, it is rewarding and life changing.
Combining your personal Bible study time with time efficient workouts that elaborate upon that Bible study will allow you to GET FIT as you HEAR  the Word, READ the Word, and LEARN the Word.
You've got nothing to lose, just physical and spiritual strength to gain.
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Bible Study Workouts

Take your Bible Study to your workout. Strength training interval workouts + stretching with scripture and reflection = Workouts that will strengthen your body and spirit.  Each Bible Study workout has a corresponding devotional.

Daily Devotionals 

The daily devotionals will guide your Bible Study.  Read the daily passages.  Reflect on questions that will challenge you to grow.  Become the best version of the person God has created you to be - one day of Bible study at a time. 

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What to Expect from Fit Bible Study Monthly Access


You are ready to commit to growing in your walk with God.  You are ready to commit to feeling fit, lean, and strong.  You are ready to commit to working toward your fullest potential and continually growing into the best version of yourself.  You are ready to commit to Fit Bible Study.

You will be provided with:

  • 5  daily devotional / week    These will guide your time in scripture and reflection. 
  • 3 pre-recorded Bible Study strength training workouts / week that accompanies that day's devotional.   
  • Running / Jogging / Walking plans to guide your other 2-3 days of exercise
  • Bonus videos to supplement your workouts: Cardio and Abs & Core
  • Nutrition Corner to guide your eating and nutrition goals

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