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Growing Women's Faith Through Fitness


Bible Study Workouts

First, read your devotional.  Then, take what you've learned one step further with Bible Study Workouts. 

These strength training workouts tie scripture and reflection into periods of rest between intervals. Strengthen your body and spirit. 

You will be challenged.  You will sweat.  You will improve.

Daily Devotionals 

The daily devotionals will guide your Bible Study.  Read the daily passages.  Reflect on questions that will challenge you to grow.  Discover how the Bible applies to your life right now.

Become the best version of the person God has created you to be - one day of Bible study at a time. 

Christian women today are looking for a new message in the fitness industry.

We've grown weary of chasing after the body of a 31-year old fitness model; we're ready to begin chasing the strength of a Proverbs 31 woman. The fitness industry will tell us we need a tiny waist and a hot body; we are ready to wholeheartedly pursue a life characterized by self-discipline, patience, and endurance. It's not about vanity. It's about being a good steward of the gift of our earthly bodies. This new message is the driving force behind SoulStrength Fit. This innovative fitness program grows women's faith through fitness, so that we can pursue both an inner and outer strength. Combining daily Bible study with corresponding Bible study workouts, nutrition, community, and virtual small group meetings, SoulStrength Fit is bringing all new meaning to fitness for today's Christian woman.

What to Expect from SoulStrength Fit Programs

SoulStrength Fit programs will show you that making time for daily Bible Study and exercise is DOABLE.   It’s not  just doable, it’s rewarding and life changing.  You are ready to grow stronger, healthier, and better than before.  You are ready to become God’s best version of YOU. 

You will be provided with:

  • Daily Devotionals to guide your time in scripture and reflection. 
  • 3 Bible Study strength training workouts / week that build upon that day's devotional.
  • Running / Jogging / Walking plans to guide your other 2-3 days of exercise
  • Bonus videos to supplement your workouts: Cardio and Abs & Core
  • Nutrition Corner to guide your eating and nutrition goals
  • A Facebook Community to encourage and support your growth.
  • Weekly Small Group Zoom meetings to build connection & community, dig even deeper into our Bible Studies, and of course talk fitness!

Membership Includes

Over 30 Weeks of Bible Study Fitness Programs +  a Continuously Growing Library


Find your why.

Find your motivation.

Find your community. 


"The best feeling is when people not only notice the exterior results but also how my mindset has changed - all thanks to the SSF devotionals and workouts!" - Jennifer G.


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"The combination of the spiritual and physical fitness is something I've been searching for for a long time, so I'm excited to start!"

"Heres to day 1 of Getting physically and spiritually fit! So excited. Finally found something that truly fuels spirit and body!"

"Today marks Day 20 of the 8 week SoulStrength Fit Challenge!! I want to take this opportunity to celebrate some early wins!
Early Win #1- 13lbs gone!
Early Win #2- More Energy, Less Joint Stiffness
Early Win #3-Met my goal of 5000 steps for initial workout each morning.
Early Win #4- Did not miss a Devotional.
Early Win #5- Received a personalized encouraging email from the founder of the program!
I'm Winning by the Grace of God!"


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