SoulStrength Fit Small-Groups 

We were created for community, and one of the reasons SoulStrength Fit has helped so many women succeed in creating a healthier lifestyle is the support and accountability they have found when building these habits with a group. God created us to thrive in relationships, and together we help each other grow, improve, and change.  

Utilizing SoulStrength Fit in a Small Group setting will give women the guidance, support, and accountability to become healthier and stronger - both physically and spiritually.


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Host a Small Group


The first option for utilizing SoulStrength Fit in a group setting would be to lead a small group through The 8-Week Challenge using The 8-Week Challenge Leader Guide. The Leader Guide provides 9 weeks of small group discussion outlines, discussions, and questions, providing all the resources needed to guide weekly meetings.  With this option, each member would need her own membership Group members would complete the workouts and devotionals in their own time at home during the week, and at the end of the week, meet as a small group.  The goal of these meetings is to strengthen accountability, encourage one another in health, fitness, and spiritual goals, build community, and to discuss the content of the program covered that week.   

Complete the Workouts Together at Church

The other option for incorporating SoulStrength Fit into a group setting is for churches to offer video classes.  For this option, the church would license access to the program on a 3, 6, or 12-month basis.  The church would need the ability to stream the videos to a large screen and a space big enough for each participant to come with her own exercise mat. (Members would need to bring dumbbells as well.)  This is an amazing option for a women's ministry, and can be used as an outreach to the community as well if the Church decides to open the classes up to non-church members.  Participants would actually do the workouts together, and many church groups spend a little time (about 15 min) going over the corresponding devotional together before the workout as well.

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SoulStrength Fit has been successfully used in small groups and church settings around the nation.  We are stronger together, and SoulStrength Fit is proud to offer this unique opportunity to strengthen women's faith while giving them the tools needed to care for their physical health as well.  Fill out the Small Group Leader Guide interest form, or simply email for more information today!

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What SoulStrength Members are saying... 


Overall it’s been the toning and shaping of my muscles. My flexibility has also increased a lot. It has made me more disciplined daily in my devotional time. I love it!It’s the best program I’ve ever done and I’ve been training for the past 20 years through various other gyms and programs.



I was able to complete a full marathon running solo. 26.2 miles!!I didn’t necessarily take in scripture fully and make time for it every day. Now I get fitness and scripture together 3-4 days a week and then spend time the other days in full study of the Bible.



I have developed a healthy lifestyle. I have been able to encorporate the workouts into my mornings and establish a healthy routine. I have accomplished and maintained my weight loss goal and I feel amazing all while growing closer to the Lord.



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