Honoring My Temple:

Bible Study Fitness Program

Have you ever felt stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of overeating or yo-yo dieting?  
Does God care how you treat your body?  Does your fitness really matter?  Are you doing all you can to honor God with your strength, energy, and physical well-being?

This is a great mini-series not to be missed!

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Bible Study Workout Program Like No Other

It’s not about vanity.  But when it comes down to lack of self control or self discipline, there is a problem.  Do you rely on food for comfort more than you rely upon God for comfort?  In times of stress, sadness, or weariness - or even happiness - do you turn to food instead of God?   

Do you feel capable of consistently making wise and beneficial choices in regards to the food that you eat?  Are there times that you feel that you lack control in regards to these choices?  Do you ever feel mastered by food or by cravings? 
Join me in this 2-week series as we dig into scripture and see how we can best approach our fitness, health, and eating with a heart that desires to honor God.

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I want to Honor My Temple!

What's Included

6 Bible Study Workouts

Glutes, core and total body workouts with dumbbells and bands. 

Daily Devotionals

Develop a scripture based view of your relationship with food

Virtual Small Group

For fitness and faith accountability, growth & community 

Daily Devotionals on food, faith, fitness, and honoring God with our temples

What does Scripture have to say about your health and the value of your body?  We'll dig deep into this topic in this mini-series!

Bible Study Workouts focusing on Honoring Your Temple

Full body, glutes and leg workouts with  bands and dumbbells to get you fit and focused on the word

Virtual Small Group Meetings to keep you on track

With weekly small group meetings you create community with other Christian women following the faith and fitness journey with you.

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