Come to the Cross:

This 2 week program includes 3 workouts per week + Daily Devotionals

This beautiful 2-week study will lead you to the cross to hear what Jesus has to say.  Can you commit two weeks to focusing on the meaning of the cross and the hope we have in Jesus?

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Bible Study Workout Program Like No Other


Jesus gave it all on the cross.  The question now becomes: what will you let God do in your heart and your life?  How will you allow the power of the cross to transform your life?  Whose life could you bless with the power of God?  Where can you demonstrate acts of mercy and grace?  How can you trust God fully, and encourage others to do the same?  Where can you offer forgiveness, a glimpse of God’s kingdom, or the demonstrate the meaning of participating in God’s family? 

What can you do with the power of the cross?

Join me in this 2-week series as we dig into scripture and join our faith with our fitness.  If you're a woman after God's heart, a woman trying to take care of herself spiritually and physically, then this program is for you.

Come to The Cross: 2 Week Easter Program

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What's Included

6 Bible Study Workouts

Upper / Lower / Cardio / Core, No Repeats, & Superset Total Body Workouts that tie in our Bible Study.  Dumbbells required

Daily Devotionals

Dig into God's word and hear all the things Jesus wants to say to you from the cross

Virtual Small Group

Join a SSF Zoom Small group for fitness and faith accountability, growth & community 

Daily Devotionals on the beauty of the cross

Daily devotionals that will draw you closer to Jesus so you can hear what He has to say to you from the cross

Bible Study Workouts focusing on Coming to the Cross

Full body strength training and cardio workouts that tie in our Bible study and Scripture to get you fit, focused, and faithful

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Virtual Small Group Meetings to keep you on track

With weekly small group meetings you create community with other Christian women following the faith and fitness journey with you.

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