Renewed focus on God and a jumpstart on your fitness goals          in 7 Days

7 Day Faith & Fitness Kick Start

Make fitness part of your faith Journey

Make faith part of your fitness and weight loss plan

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Daily Toning and Calorie Burning  Bible Study Workouts

7 Core and Cardio Workouts - Each with a unique challenge!  These Bible Study workouts will burn calories, build strength, and get you in shape!

+ A BONUS full body workout 

Daily Devotionals to Reinforce the Bible Study Workout Topics

Take the time to dig into your Bible and reconnect God with these daily devotionals. Topics match and reinforce the Bible Study Workouts

Healthy, Easy to Follow Meal Plan

This meal plans will get you back on track. It is simple and healthy, and will give you all you need to lose weight and feel great!

The 7 Day Kick Start gives you all the tools you need to get back on track with your faith and fitness...quickly.

A Meal Plan, Daily Bible Study & Daily workouts  - each with a unique challenge:

Day 1 - Cardio: 100 Jumping Jack Challenge

Day 2 - Abs and Total Body Strength: 100 Crunches Challenge

Day 3 - Cardio: 100 Jump Squats Challenge

Day 4 - Abs and Total Body Strength: 5 Minute Plank Challenge

Day  5 - Cardio: 100 Jack Squats Challenge

Day 6 - Abs and Total Body Strength: 100 Reverse Crunches Challenge

Day 7 - Cardio: 50/50 Jump Lunges and Pushup Challenge

Bonus: Total Body: Dumbbell Burnout Challenge


Let's 'Kick Start' your faith and fitness!

Now's the time to start fresh! Join hundreds of other women on the SoulStrength journey by Kick Starting your goals with this 7 Day Kick Start

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