Ruth & Esther, Women of Character:

Bible Study Fitness Program

Exploring two of the most memorable stories in the Bible, this program showcases the love and faithfulness of God displayed in the books of Ruth and Esther.

This is a great series not to be missed!

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Bible Study Workout Program Like No Other

Two books in the Bible are named after women: Ruth and Esther. We will begin our study in the book of Ruth.  The story tells how Ruth came to know the living God of Israel and how she entered God’s family through a kinsman-redeemer.  If any book of the Bible demonstrates God’s amazing grace and divine plan of redemption, it is the book of Ruth.  Long before Ruth knew anything about God, God knew everything about her. And it’s like that with our redemption as well.  Long before we had come to know God, He was at work in our lives initiating a chain of events that would bring us to Christ.   

Join me in this series as we dig into these beautiful books and see what God wants to teach us through the lives of these amazing women.

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What's Included

12 Bible Study Workouts

These total body workouts will challenge you - inside and out!  We'll use dumbbells and a band in this series

Daily Devotionals

Spend 2 weeks in the book of Ruth and 2 weeks in the book of Esther with these daily devotionals that will bring the stories to life

Virtual Small Group

Join SSF zoom small group for fitness and faith accountability, growth & community.  Come once or every week - we'd love to have you! 

Daily Devotionals on the books of Ruth and Esther

What can you learn from these inspirational women?  What does God want you to take away from these beautiful books? Grab your Bible and be ready to learn, grow, and be inspired!

Bible Study Workouts focusing on Ruth and Esther

Bring your Bible Study to your workout!  These Full Body workouts will challenge you!  We'll use a band and dumbbells to get you fit, then we'll stretch those muscles and get focused on the Word.

Virtual Small Group Meetings to keep you on track

With weekly small group meetings you create community with other Christian women following the faith and fitness journey with you.

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