Spiritual Disciplines:

Bible Study Fitness Program

This 6 week program includes 3 workouts per week + Daily Devotionals

Weekly topics include

Meditating on Scripture, Practice Slowing Down,  Prayer & Confession, Training to be Like Jesus, Humility & Servanthood & Living for Christ

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Bible Study Workout Program Like No Other

True spiritual transformation isn’t a matter of trying harder; it’s a matter of training wisely.  Just as you would train for a marathon or a race, it takes preparation and dedication, not just effort on the day of the event.  Spiritual training involves practicing spiritual disciplines, which is any activity that connects us with God and helps us to live as Jesus taught and modeled.  This kind of training helps to do what we can’t do by willpower alone.  It’s the kind of training that changes us from the inside out.

Join me in this 6-week series as we dig into scripture and learn to train to be more like Christ - while training our bodies in physical strength and fitness as well!

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What's Included

18 Bible Study Workouts

These total body workouts will train your body physically, all while training you to be more like Christ!  Dumbbells required

Daily Devotionals

Develop a scripture based view of meditating on scripture, slowing down and celebrating, growing in humility, and training to be like Christ

Virtual Small Group

Join a SSF Zoom small group for fitness and faith accountability, growth & community 

Daily Devotionals on the following topics:

  • Meditating on Scripture
  • Prayer and Confession
  • Humility and Servanthood
  • Living for Christ
  • Practice Slowing Down
  • Training to be Like Christ

Bible Study Workouts focusing on the Spiritual Disciplines

Full body workouts using dumbbells to get you fit, strong and focused on becoming more like Jesus

Virtual Small Group Meetings to keep you on track

With weekly small group meetings you create community with other Christian women following the faith and fitness journey with you.

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