Bring the Bible to life for your  little ones! 

Animated Bible Story Exercise Videos (AD-Free!!), E-Books With Guided Movement and Educational Worksheets

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Animated Bible Story Exercise Videos


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Arian S.

Thank you for all your videos, they help me and my boy bond and exercise together. Please continue making such awesome videos.


Bring Learning the Bible to Life

SoulStrength Fit Kids brings learning the Bible to life for kids.  

Let them hear  it.  Let them  see it.  And let them actively participate in it.

Animated Bible Study Exercise videos lead your child through each bible story  as they participate in it.

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A Growing Library of Bible Stories

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Bring the Bible to Life for your Kids! 

SoulStrength Fit Kids combines Bible Stories with fun exercise, bringing the Bible to life for kids!

When their bodies are  engaged through kinesthetic  learning, young children are able to learn their best because they are actively participating in the learning process.  This makes learning both fun and memorable - which is exactly what we want as we teach our children about the Bible!

We want the stories to come to life in their minds.  We want them to connect with the stories and remember what they learn.  That’s exactly why I created SoulStrength Fit Kids.   As a former elementary school  teacher with 18 years spent in the classroom,  I’ve seen firsthand the power of kinesthetic learning.  Whether teaching spelling words or math facts, young ones learn better when they can involve their bodies.  Why not apply this powerful principle to the way in which we teach them about God? 

Young children learn the best when their bodies are engaged, and that’s exactly what SoulStrength Fit Kids does.  It engages their bodies.  It brings the stories to life.  It lets them move and actively  participate in the learning process.  

Let them hear it, let them see it, and let them actively participate in it!  Bring the Bible to life for your little ones with SoulStrength Fit Kids!


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