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The SoulStrength Fit Small Group Leader Guide will guide you and your small group through 8 weeks of becoming healthier and stronger...both physically and spiritually.

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The benefits of the 8-Week Challenge are accelerated when done in a supportive community of friends! 

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8 Weeks of daily devotionals to guide your time in the Word




8 weeks of strength training workouts that incorporate Bible Study and reflection 



Nutrition guide and whole food recipes to nourish your body

Learn to eat for vitality and energy


When it comes to getting healthy and achieving goals, two are always better than one


Step 1: Start a Small Group

Invite a few friends, neighbors, or co-workers and start a SoulStrength Fit Small Group.  What's a SoulStrength Fit Small Group?  It's weekly gathering of three or more people - in person or online - who hang out, study the Word, reflect on the past week and pray together.  Each member will complete the weekly workouts in their own time at home, and will then gather together as a group to discuss the devotionals and talk all things faith and fitness. It's a powerful and effective way to reach your fitness goals and grow in your walk with God!

Step 2: Get your Leader Guide with weekly curriculum

Get on the waitlist so you can have access to the Leader Guide the moment it's available!  This guide has everything you need to lead your small group weekly meetings.

Step 3: Have Fun!

The 8-Week Challenge is doable and rewarding for women of all fitness levels.  Members report weight loss, increased energy, and improvements in strength.  Most importantly, however,  this program is a lifestyle transformation that will bring peace, joy, healing and strength to members as they commit to growing STRONGER in their walk with God.


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Combine the power of group support, accountability and fellowship with the guidance of the 8-Week Challenge and Leader Guide and watch lives transform!

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